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I heard that pantene prov shampoo causes hair loss!I s it true?

I want to know from your experience if pantene prov shampoo cause hairloss?I have heard that Pantene contains wax,and many other chemicals that damage ouy hair,using always it.Is it true?Because my boyfriend has thin hair and he wants to start using it?What to recomend him.To use or not to use?I heard that pantene prov shampoo causes hair loss!I s it true?
I hpe not!!!!! a lot of hair does come out in wash but that's just me!!!!! and I always seem to have plenty left on my head!!!!!!I heard that pantene prov shampoo causes hair loss!I s it true?
It does contain a kind of wax, but it doesn't cause hair loss. If your boyfriend has thin hair, he might want to try a volumizing shampoo like Full and Thick by Pantene.
i have been using it for ten years nothing wrong with my hair i think if that was true it would have been taken off the market by now.
maybe pantene doesnt suit his hair..thats quite possible.never use a particular shampoo for too long.ur hair will get used to the formula and it wont help..ask him to try a herbal shampoo..or clairol herbal essences,garnier,sunsilk,anything..avoid pantene if u r not too sure..loreal is good too..ask him to visit a salon n they will recommend a good shampoo for his hair type..
I dont think so. I been using pantene for like years now.... and i still have my hair lol matter of fact its past my waist now.
I've never heard of it causing hair loss but I do know it contains silicones, wax, and way too much protein (yes too much protein is bad for hair) Pantene is loaded with so mcuh crap you can't even read the ingredients! People who claim to use the same shampoo for 5 or 10 years are not your best sources simply because anyone who really knows about hair knows that we shouyld be switching shampoos every three months. Sometimes we get so into the habit of things we dont look around to see that there are better shampoos out there. Garnier Fructis is a great pantene alternative in that it contains so manyt natural oils and fruit extracts that are really good for your hair. Cocoa butter oil, avacado oil, and shea butter oil are only a few of the ingredients. Pantene claims to be loaded with its pro-vitamin formula..Well, what is that exactly???
it depends on ur hair type it suits sum 1 and not 2 d oder so change it now if u hav noticed it
That is totally untrue. I have used it for the last 5 years, and I have very thick hair. (sometimes I wish it WAS thinner lol). Tell him to use the one for volume, my husband has the same problem and it helps.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shampoo/conditioners that don't cause hair loss?

what brand of shampoo and conditioner can i find at any local walmart or target that won't make my hair fall out? i've been losing ALOTTT of hair lately and i searched it online and found out it may be because i've been using pantene pro-v. so are there any good shampoos and conditioners outt there that won't make my hair fall out? i have really long hair almost to my butt and it looks weird if its long and too thin. help please!!!Shampoo/conditioners that don't cause hair loss?
uhh yeah they do actually why dont you research it a little before you go throwing words of reject around there chief. detergant( soap )is a double sided molecule which is why it can bind to oil and water. hence drying up your hair. when you dont have hydrated hair it drys up and cracks. thats one of the main reasons people get split ENDS because they are the dryest part of the hair. conditioner doesnt do much believe it or not. it doesnt cause your body to produce more vitamins or anything it basically saturates your hair with essentials and once you wash it away the onlything that is left is MINERAL OIL.(with some vitamin deposite) hence silky smooth. however, your hair doesnt absorb ANYTHING through hair. it is DEAD. NOT LIVING , and what the root and folicle head absorb isnt nearly enough to do anyting for your hair. conditioner is a scam. consulting your doctor is the best way to go but completely unneccesary because there is no such thing as a shampoo that wont make your hair fall outShampoo/conditioners that don't cause hair loss?
I'm sorry you are having this problem. I wish I could give you a thumbs up on any drug store brand. The truth is; most inexpensive shampoo's contain strong detergents, that is why they create so much foam. These detergents are not good for any ones hair, a good rule of thumb; the less they cost the more detergents, alcohol and harmful ingredients they contain, so avoid them.

I would suggest you find a salon in your area that carries Nioxin products, they will help a ton. Also make sure you are taking a good multivitamin everyday. Don't fall into the trap buying vitamins for hair growth, they are an expensive scam. You will get more for your money with even a generic multivitamin. They carry an excellent one at Costco. Also drink plenty of water.

You should avoid all chemical treatments; tints, bleaches, chemical straighteners, perms etc. And always make sure to use a protective balm on your hair before you use a blow dryer, straightening or curling iron.

If you don't see improvement you really need to see a dermatologist.

Good Luck!
Hi there, well for starters i am really big on hair growth as well as good inexpensive products for healthy hair. Lets just say im a product junkie who had to do research and try different products to find the best ones. But i think you should try products that are sulfate free and have no harsh chemicals. Look for a shampoo or conditioner with more natural products in it such as natural extracts like coconut, aloe vera, jojoba, soybean,rosemary which all helps healthy hair grow and keeps it from shedding, Not sure of your ethnicity but these products are good for ethnic hair and they are in some non ethnic hair products...and yes certain shampoos and conditioners can make your hair fall out due to harsh chemicals. But my recommendation is Bio Infusion shampoo and conditioner and they are very light weight, not oily or thick and greasy. They make your hair soft and bouncy with lots of volume and it keeps hair from shedding and breakage due to natural products. You can find it at your local Walgreen's and not expensive at all. I hope this helped and good luck!
Shampoo and conditioners with no silicone in it. Read the ingredients and make sure nothing in the ingredients ends with the word ';cone';. These are very drying to just about any hair types.
shampoo and conditioner don't make you hair fall out! Main contributors to women loosing hair is birth control and post pregnancy. You can ask you primary doctor for help And they can help with hair lost
Aussie. Herbal Essences. Both are great.
i love Paul Mitchell products...i have 3 different shampoos and conditioners by them and tons of their products...they have great stuff.
suave silk.

Bella Arielle

Can my hair loss be caused by Head & Shoulders Shampoo?

I hav been using head %26amp; shoulders for about 2 month now. I started using this becuz i had dandruff. It's working on the dandruff really well. Yet, a few weeks later, i got sick and had a fever. After the fever, I hav been losing a lot of hair ever since. This is scaring me a lot. Every time a brush my hands thru my hair, at least 2 pieces come out, and im no even brushing that hard. I tried using the shampoo, Pantene I used to use, but I still list a lot of hair. Can anyone help me and giv me some advice? This is really scaring me.Can my hair loss be caused by Head %26amp; Shoulders Shampoo?
I have never heard of shampoos causing hair loss. Now hair that is abused by over combing when wet, over dryed with blow dryers etc. can make your hair brittle and break off more but not kill the growth center of the hair itself.

Pulling tightly on the hair consistently with hair styles like braids, corn rows, pig tails etc. can cause damage to the hair follicle itself and cause some permanent hair loss but not over all balding or large bald spots.

There are other causes of hair loss that are hereditary also.....look in your family and see if there is a pattern of thin hair or baldness that runs in your family.

I hope that this helped.Can my hair loss be caused by Head %26amp; Shoulders Shampoo?
I was in the same situation, i am 14, believe me, if u r a teenager i think there is nothing to worry about, thats what the doctor said, it is normal, and yes i think head and shoulders may have a part in it!, i think it is too strong for hair to manage, especially young hair lyk mine, if u live in england u would be familar with the soap brand/shop LUSH, my mum bought me a hormonal hair soap shampoo from there calles NEW, its pink and contains natural things lyk cineamon, which is the stronest, i hve been using it for 3'4 months now and believe it does work gradually

dont be scared though lol

hope i helped
The hair loss may be if you use a lot of heat on your hair or if you dye your hair regulary
you losing your hair is regular. You actually lose about 150 a day. its natural and supposed to happen. calm down..breath..

And not talking showers daily can make it seem like your losing a lot in one time but its nothing to stress over.
Probably not from the shampoo. If you get very sick, your hair can thin out. Try to make sure you are eating right and avoiding things that can damage your hair. (dyes, bleach, excessive heat, etc.) You lose hair every day, without noticing it. If it doesn't get better, and you are still concerned, you may want to ask your doctor about it.
Hair loss is natural in most people. I don't know how old you are, so forgive me, I don't mean to offend you. If you are middle aged, it is natural for your hair to thinnen out.

If you are a teen it is natural due to hormone levels.

If it is a new shampoo, you may just be adjusting to it.

Also, if your hair is thick, it is natural for your hair to become quite brittle if it needs cutting. I personally find that I loose LOTS when straightening, even though I use heat protection, and then some when I brush it.

It's completly natural to loose your hair, your body is getting rid of the unneeded things..

If you stress over it, you will loose more, as stress distrupts your hormone levels, which cause hair loss and also acne problems.

If you are really worried, see a hairdresser, or use a hair endurance shampoo... I know that H%26amp;S actually does an anti dandruff hair endurance?

Hope this helps, Ginger x

What could cause an extreme loss of hair in a 15 year old girl? Could it be from her shampoo?

She is 15...

it is urgent...

when she runs her fingers through her hair she gets like half a dozen hairs that come off.What could cause an extreme loss of hair in a 15 year old girl? Could it be from her shampoo?
it sounds as if she has telogen effluvium, for which there may be several causes (not shampoo, though). Or, she may have the generalized form of alopecia areata. It is best if she goes to her dermatologist, as she'll need a work up to see if there's a medical cause for it, that can be treated.What could cause an extreme loss of hair in a 15 year old girl? Could it be from her shampoo?
cancer doesnt cause hairloss, treatment for cancer does.

Six hairs doesnt seem that extreme. It is normal to lose 20-50 strands of hair per day. If you are losing over 100 strands per day THEN it indicates hair loss and you should see a doctor. If she really was losing a lot of hair I would say check to make sure shes getting a proper diet and right amount of vitamins.

I just ran my fingers once through the left side of my head, and five hairs came off. Six on the other side.

You have over 100,000 hair folicles on your head. If you only lost a dozen hairs a day it would take you 22 years to go bald if you completely stopped growing hair.

Dont panic!
No, I doubt it's the shampoo. It's normal to shed some hair. I read that somewhere. But if she's losing what she thinks is a lot, maybe it could be a nutritional deficiency or something. Maybe she should try taking vitamins to see if that helps.
i had a friend that lost hair and problems with your thyroid can make you lose hair if they are over or under active.

my friend also lost alot of weight through this too but can be the opposite and you can gain weight
Causes could be lack of proper diet, lack of vitamins from a proper diet or some sort of illness.

It's not the shampoo.

See a doctor. Soon.

Do scalp ance cause hair loss? I been losing alot of hair when i bath so i can't use shampoo.?

hair, scalp, ance, skin, shampoo, hair lossDo scalp ance cause hair loss? I been losing alot of hair when i bath so i can't use shampoo.?
use our pure herbal medicine,deffinetly it will help you .

Itchy scalp causing a bit of hair loss which shampoo?

hey i think from using hair wax etc i have built up some dirt and oil in my hair or something. its causing an itchy scalp and some hair loss from scratching etc.

can any one recommend a shampoo and give me any info on this topic

thanks alotItchy scalp causing a bit of hair loss which shampoo?
You should use the shampoo called head and shoulders

Itchy scalp causing a bit of hair loss which shampoo?
Arbonne International sells a good shampoo for itchy scalps.

it's a little much, but it works great and helps grow hair back.
Pert Plus Dandruff Shampoo %26amp; Conditioner.

Use daily to control flaking and itching.
u may have psoriasis, poly tar shampoo is good for that and general itchiness.
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  • I've been using very creamy shampoos and is causing some hair loss. How do I solve this?

    I've been using shampoos that are quite creamy to give moisture to your hair for a few months now. Then I realize that I've been having a sticky residue of the shampoo stuck on my hair that takes ages to wash off. And now, its causing hair loss and hence some baldness on my head. How do I solve this??I've been using very creamy shampoos and is causing some hair loss. How do I solve this?
    1) Quit using the shampoos!

    Use a different shampoo for a week or so, see what happens.

    2) Try taking Saw Palmetto, B-Vitamins, Vitamin C, and most importantly Vitamin A.

    If these vitamins don't work, you'll need to try a commercial product.

    DHT causes hair loss. The most effective way to stop hair loss is a commercial product. It will be your last resort. The link below can help you out. The product is very well known and used throughout Europe and the US. Check it out!I've been using very creamy shampoos and is causing some hair loss. How do I solve this?
    Without us noticing, we lose a certain amount of hair each day. Your hair is part of your identity, so it is never good when you begin losing it. Fortunately, there are some natural remedies you can use to regrow your hair.

    1. Honey and Egg yolk:

    Massage into your scalp honey with egg yolk. Leave it in your hair for thirty minutes and then rinse.

    2. Almond Oil:

    Two to three times a day massage almond oil into your scalp, this has been proven to stop further hair loss.

    3. Apple Cider Vinegar and Sage Tea:

    When taking a shower, rinse your hair with a mix of apple cider vinegar and sage tea to help your hair grow.

    4. Lime Seed and Black Pepper:

    Grind an equal portion of lime seeds and black pepper in some water and apply it to your scalp regularly.

    5. Aloe Vera And Herbal Powder Triphala:

    For about three to six months apply a mixture of aloe vera and herbal powder triphala to your hair, this will help you to grow new hair.

    6. Mustard Oil;

    Boil 1cup mustard oil with 4 tablespoons henna leaves. Filter the mixture and bottle it. Massage the mixture on your scalp regularly.

    7. Fenugreek Seeds:

    Make a paste by grinding Fenugreek seeds with water. After you oil your hair, massage the paste on your scalp and leave it for one hour before rinsing it out. Every morning repeat it for a month.

    8. Warm Castar and Almond Oil:

    Mix equal amounts of warm castor and almond oil then massage it over your scalp at least once a week.

    vitamins A and B
    stop using it NOW!